Orbital Tumors & Fractures

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what are Orbital Fractures?

The orbit is a series of bones that comprise the eye socket. Orbital fractures can result from trauma and may require surgical repair if accompanied by double vision, difficulty seeing, or deformity. Such surgery may involve exploration of the area to determine the full extent of the injury and implantation of various materials to rebuild and reinforce the wall of the orbit. Often times with an orbital trauma, the eyelid may have an injury that requires surgical repair as well.

What are Orbital Tumors?

Tumors and lesions can occur within the eye socket or behind the eye, requiring a biopsy and surgical treatment. These tumors may be benign, like a cyst or hemangioma (an abnormal build up of blood vessels), malignant or inflammatory in nature.

Orbital Surgery Procedure

Orbital surgery is most often performed under a general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Not only will you be fully asleep throughout the procedure, you will not remember the experience due to the amnesia effects of the sedatives. The affected eye may be completely covered with a bandage after your surgery. You may also experience blurred vision, which could last up to a few days. Icing the area in the first 24 to 72 hours will help reduce inflammation and pain, though you may have bruising and swelling for up to ten days. Patients may control pain with over the counter medication such as Tylenol. Your physician will work with you to determine if a prescription strength pain medication is necessary on an individual basis.

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